Work Cited

Picture Time!

Open your document from yesterday.
  1. On Google Chrome, search for an image using a keyword from your article.
  2. Find one that you'd like to use. Don't close that window - we'll come back to it soon.
  3. On the image, right-click-Copy.
  4. On your document, right-click-Paste.
  5. Format Image - Wrap Text - Tight so you can move it around.

Now we'll give credit to our sources:

1. Open a new word doc and save it as Work Cited.
2. Type your name, teacher name, and class period in the top right - right justified - look for Right at the top. 3. Type Work Cited on the next line, center justified - look for Centerat the top.
4. Click to open
Easy Bib
5. Go to the tab where you found your image. Copy the url of the image.
6. In EasyBib, select Digital Image (under "All 59 Options").
7. Paste in the url where you found the image
8. Go back to the image and try to find everything you can about it - name of image, photographer, date published, website, etc.Type in the information you find, leave the rest blank.
9. Click Create Citation
10. Copy-paste the created citation in your word doc, in alphabetical order.
11. Click File - Save after each paste. Repeat steps 5-10 for each image you use.
12.Here is what is already done for you! We have created the citation for the information you are using. You just need to copy (highlight and Control-C or right-click Copy) and paste (Control-V or right-click Paste) the following two sources into your Work Cited document. Make sure each citation it is in alphabetical order.

Four River Valley Civilizations. Digital image., 2005. Web. 22 Sept. 2015.
Woodward, Susan. "Ancient River Valley Civilizations." Virginia Geographic Alliance, n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2015.

13. When you have found all of your sources, select-all in your word doc and make sure all fonts are the same font and size.
14. Make sure the second line of any long citation is indented, using the margin ruler at the top of the page. It should look like this: Margin Raise your hand if you need help with this step.
15. Save again. Get checked by Mrs. Izmirian, and then print your Work Cited page to Petunia.
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