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School Profile 

Carmody is a comprehensive 600 student 6-8 middle school in Lakewood.  Carmody’s vast footprint covers many neighborhoods offering great diversity across the student body.  On the one year School Performance Framework from CDE, Carmody currently ranks 6/18 Middle Schools in Jeffco.  This ranking accounts for high achievement and high growth scores on the state standardized test (CMAS). 

Carmody proudly operates within a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math focus).  STEAM is about incorporating creative thinking and an integrated project based learning environment in every classroom.  The electives boast 24 different offerings with a STEAM lens and 9 licensed CTE (Career Technical Education) certified teachers.  Carmody is intentional about a safe and welcoming culture and provides a restorative approach to our work.  Every student is scheduled into a Connections class. The class is specifically designed to support the whole student and address any academic or social emotional needs while cheerleading, coaching and building trust between the student, their teacher and their school.  Carmody Cougars embrace the following CORE Values: Positive Attitude, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence (PRIDE) throughout all aspects of the school. 

Job Profile

Licensed:  All licensed personnel at Carmody believe all students can achieve.  We value and engage frequently in collaboration and have knowledge and experience in PLC and Responsive Teaching models. Carmody considers itself a professional lab school, embedded with peer observation and a strong professional learning platform that supports all teachers.   

Para Professionals:  All para professionals at Carmody are considered educators.  We value accountability and reliability and people who truly want to work with students. 

Student Outcome/Mission:
The heart of what we do at Carmody is aligned with our belief that our students, when exiting Carmody MS at the end of their 8th grade year, will be lifelong learners who problem solve, adapt and self-direct so they can think critically and make informed decisions to lead productive and meaningful lives. We will deliver on these outcomes by building effective classrooms that promote meaningful relationships and strong character, designed to develop, enrich, and strengthen these capabilities in our students. 

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